Magnifico! An Attitude of Gratitude

MAGNIFICO! Day in and day out, he walks the beach to the pool to the bar and back with a BIG SMILE and a lot of heart 💜 . To some it might seem like an awful job, serving people, many not might not be content. To him, it’s all the same. He could easily…

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Loving Kindness Yoga Teacher Training

Program Overview: Loving Kindness Yoga is a unique 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training program that emphasizes the heart of yoga. The concept and beliefs of metta or loving kindness are emphasized as we bring this into our own lives and share this with others. The spiritual aspects of yoga are vital components and…

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Gratitude to achieve balance 🙏💕

It’s ALL GOOD Creating a balance is a goal many of us try to achieve . The not so good events inevitably teach us a lesson.  For that I say thank you . The good things in life are truly miracles . For that I say thank you . I woke up today and said…

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