“What if my whole life has been wrong “

ARE YOU LIVING LIFE BEHIND A MASK? IS IT TIME FOR CHANGE? A client recently said to me that he was unable to live his true self in his daily life. This made him miserable and he referred to living his life behind a mask, a façade. Signs it’s time to make a change: …

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Trauma and Healing in 365 Words or Less

Holistic Healing Methods and Yoga Therapy in Healing TRAUMA……When asked to write a 365 word or less article on this topic, I was surprised at the amount of time and effort it took! It was difficult to leave out the science that backs up this theory. It was triggering as well! I felt as if…

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Acceptance – 1 min read

a few words that have helped me learn to accept: It is what it is  Things happen for a reason, I may not get to know the reason …  The weight of the world does not need to sit on my shoulders  LIFE Is not fair nor unfair  … life simply is…. the cup is…

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