Truths Are you following beliefs that you have chosen ? Or beliefs that were drilled into you with fear, guilt, shame and punishment ?? Where you born to judge yourself ?  This is the essence of deciding to follow who you are and your heart’s desire or to stray from this based on someone else’s…

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Magnifico! An Attitude of Gratitude

MAGNIFICO! Day in and day out, he walks the beach to the pool to the bar and back with a BIG SMILE and a lot of heart ? . To some it might seem like an awful job, serving people, many not might not be content. To him, it’s all the same. He could easily…

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Spending in Time in Our Shadows

Darkness and light are BOTH parts of who we are and the journey we are on . Why do we only honor the light ? This is the dark time of year, the dark of night is longer than the light of day . Why are we so conditioned to deny the existence of the…

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