Magnifico! An Attitude of Gratitude

MAGNIFICO! Day in and day out, he walks the beach to the pool to the bar and back with a BIG SMILE and a lot of heart đź’ś . To some it might seem like an awful job, serving people, many not might not be content. To him, it’s all the same. He could easily grumble and grit his teeth at some of the condescending “beautiful people”. He chooses an attitude of gratitude, for his job, for his country, for the day before him – sunny & bright. Ask him how he feels, it’s magnifico every single time. I see him as he carries a large, complicated order successfully to a group . They seem to forget he’s done this for them. I see him as he scratches his head and chooses to smile brightly-checking in with each guest . What sets him apart from the other waiters on this beach on this glorious day? The smile that comes directly from the love he can’t hide and the feeling of simply being.. with life just as it is …. magnifico!

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