Trauma and Healing in 365 Words or Less

Holistic Healing Methods and Yoga Therapy in Healing TRAUMA......When asked to write a 365 word or less article on this topic, I was surprised at the amount of time and effort it took! It was difficult to leave out the science that backs up this theory. It was triggering as well! I felt as if i wanted to share some of my own traumatic history. And I will...

Stay tuned for a couple of upcoming blog posts on the juicy science behind this as well as the stories of some of my own personal trauma!

Holistic Healing Methods and Yoga Therapy in Healing TRAUMA

The definition of trauma is physical injury or a deeply disturbing experience. Physical and psychological trauma are completely intertwined. A survivor of trauma, either physical such as a car accident or psychological such as verbal, emotional abuse, may leave circumstances which lead to a difficult healing journey. Long after physical wounds have healed or verbal abuse has ended, the underlying trauma is present. This residual trauma is referred to as “the issues in the tissues” found in the cells throughout the body. The mind-body connection is SO strong-when the physical body is injured, the emotional can be affected with depression, anxiety or PTSD. Conversely, psychological trauma can reflect in physical symptoms like heart issues or chronic


Fortunately, these “issues in the tissues” can be released. Newer research strongly indicates that traditional talk therapy is most effective when
supplemented with slow, mindful movement. Holistic healing methods are designed to be used in conjunction with traditional practices to heal. Yoga by design addresses and treats all aspects of a person-the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. As the mind and body connection is strengthened and developed, the issues leave the body.

Individual yoga therapy or group trauma-informed yoga classes promote deep healing. This is achieved through specific postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, meditation, and adaptation of the practice of yoga to meet the unique needs of trauma healing. It is crucial to work with specially trained, certified therapists and teachers.

The benefits of yoga, yoga therapy, therapeutic bodywork, reiki, massage, tai chi and other methods are powerful tools for healing. These practices empower individuals, reduce symptoms, and address specific health concerns. Yoga and holistic methods release trauma, aid in the healing process, restore balance, and improve quality of life for everyone!

Bonni-Lynne Sandler, MS Ed, BS Health, Yoga Therapist/Teacher and Holistic Practitioner

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