We Need to RESTORE and EXPLORE !

Restorative Yoga: We need to restore as much as we need to explore !  

These classes are more yogic than any asana-only based practice out there! Why should we do Restorative Yoga when it doesnt burn any calories? It doesnt get my heart rate going - its not even exercise ? Or is it? This is exercise for the mind, the emotional, subtle and spiritual bodies!YOGA - is so much more than the postures - yoga exercises - unites the mind and the body and the spirit.  We need to restore as much as we need to explore !

From high blood  to depression and trauma ... You will be restoring and healing

Deeply relaxes the body

Stills the mind.

Improves capacity for healing and balancing

Balances the nervous system.

Boosts the immune system.

Develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self.

Enhances mood states.  

Improves flexibility

A typical HeartnSoul restorative class is inviting with soft lighting and candles lit,  live guitar music or soothing music playing in the background. Your extra thick mat and/or and  soft, comfortable silk hammock awaits you..

75 minutes of ease, relaxing actions, rejuvenation and release!  These classes are designed for any and all levels of student, from beginner to advanced. All the poses are on the floor, including the few gentle inversions If its the aerial class, even in a restorative class, we still have inversions.

We can all benefit from restorative yoga classes and the hammock makes it even more accessible and easy to transition from pose to pose, and go even deeper into each stretch, as you relax into your hammock, releasing tension and moving into the flow.

In the restorative class with live music 🎶, Massage is offered as you rest inviting another dimension of deep healing!Both classes are truly is a one of a kind experiences!  

On Sunday afternoon or Monday evening - both are worth a try - your mind and body and spirit will be so very grateful!

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