Spending in Time in Our Shadows

Darkness and light are BOTH parts of who we are and the journey we are on . Why do we only honor the light ? This is the dark time of year, the dark of night is longer than the light of day . Why are we so conditioned to deny the existence of the other side of our souls ? Why are we told we can’t we honor the dark ? Yes, it may mean we cry, pull the blankets over our heads and stay within for a time . This is part of how we learn to love another  layer of what is within. We suffer if we don’t learn to accept who we are . We are much stronger than we know. Lighten up on the idea that we must be happy and bright all the time. This leads to a feeling of inadequacy . Why are we not happy all the time? We are NOT meant to feel only one emotion . It is through our darkest hours, that we discover our brightest self.  Please stop denying the natural desire to recognize this need. Honor, Love and Learn from the darkness within. Yoga allows us to practice sitting in discomfort on our mats so we can go out into the world and know to manage it. From there, we cultivate what serves us and others, turn it into something  else or let go! We learn to accept all of who we are and in doing so, we become one step closer to SELF LOVE ? . The place of discomfort is just that – UNCOMFORTABLE but as we sit with it , we eventually accept it and soften into this new dimension of our soul. This darkness will lead us to a potentially brighter place to dwell . We cannot Find our true potential if we avoid spending time in the shadows.  Embrace what is ! 

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