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Welcome to HeartnSoul Yoga Health & Wellness

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Welcome to HeartnSoul Yoga Health & Wellness




 Email: bonni@heartnsoulyoga.net for application
Call 413-377-8888 with questions! A few spots left



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Come and take care of you!

 HeartnSoul is a warm, nurturing, spiritual, judgement-free and FUN studio designed to meet YOUR needs. We offer a variety of healing services, workshops, trainings and events. From Yoga to Massage, we have what is needed to assist you on your journey towards wellness!


Yoga heals the mind, body, spirit, heartnsoul.

Meet Bonni-Lynne

Bonni-Lynne Sandler is a compassionate, dedicated and kind teacher who has worked in the Health and Wellness field for many years. Over the last decade, Bonni-Lynne's career shifted from teaching Health in public schools,  to returning to school to advance her education. She became a Registered 500 hour Yoga Instructor. Certified Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Bodyworker and is Registered to train yoga teachers. While studying holistic healing methods, her mentors included doctors, psychiatrists, yoga teachers and therapists from all over the country.  She has focused exclusively on assisting others in healing long held trauma to begin improving their overall health and well-being.

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Client Testimonials

"Bonni has helped me immensely to cope with physical pain, stress and grief due to loss and the pressures of  owning a small business. She has treated my lower back pain, with gentle, soothing hands, using her skills in Thai Massage, fascial release, and body integration. My job involves long hours at the computer, driving and touring facilities. She has helped to relieve my pain, align my posture and given me exercises to help attain my goal towards a healthier lifestyle.  I attend yoga classes as well when my schedule allows enjoying the increased flexibility and stability as well as the spiritual aspect of her transformational yoga classes."

-Sue M.

"Bonni-Lynne is the truest yogi at heart that I have ever met! She lives the yogic lifestyle which makes her classes and sessions so genuine, rightfully healing and relaxing. You will leave feeling more balance physically, emotionally and mentally."

-Kim C.

"We invited her in Shear Xtreme Salon to help us create a peaceful sleep yoga environment and Bonnie delivered. It was a unique, restful but informative friendly retreat right in our salon walls. Can't recommend enough to call her, invite her in. Namaste."

-Barbara P.

"So grateful Bonnie came into my life! She has a gift. Her spiritual presence in the room makes her classes powerful on many levels. She truly cares about each soul in her class."

-Jade M.

"Bonni-Lynne's bodywork is amazing. She is very in tune to the body's responses to touch and is able to navigate through "blocked" areas with ease. I broke my leg in late July and Bonni worked on me while I was recovering. She helped to speed along my healing process, all the while making sure I did not create imbalances in my body. Thank you!"

-Michele L.

"You will most surely leave a HeartnSoul class with a healing and happy vibe! I Would recommend her guidance to all people. This is not just a surface experience for pretty people. If you are ailing, if you are insecure, do not hesitate. This woman comes from a place of loving strength."

-Kat A.

"I have been a Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher since 2002 and I don't often take other teachers' classes as I have lower back issues and found that most teachers do not do enough warm ups for me. However, I saw the listing for Bonni's class and was drawn to it. In the class, I noticed how she was in tune with the students and tailored it to meet our needs. The class ended with a little Thai massage before savasana. This was so yummy I decided to get a 90 minute Thai massage.

I really like that Bonni has so many different modalities. We did Thai massage and structural integration, and a little chakra work. (She did offer to stay focused on Thai massage, but I felt like she was in tune with my body's needs and asked her to do whatever she was guided to do.)

I feel that Bonni is gifted and you will be blessed to try any of her services!



"Dear Bonni-Lynne,

It was such an amazing experience to work with you.  I sincerely appreciate your generosity of time, gifts, care, and talents.  I am looking forward to our next session!  Wishing you infinite love and blessings."


I was suffering from a headache for DAYS!. Nothing touched it. One session with Bonni and it was gone! She is truly a miracle worker!

-Denise M

For people looking for a wonderful yoga experience . bonnie is a warm presence and patient teacher. Lots of difference class options. My favorites are the aerial yoga classes and monday night restorative with live acoustic guitar music

-Tara B

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